Frequent questions concerning YmReport's functionality

1. What does mean? is an online service which helps to detect invisible users on Yahoo! Messenger. It is made up of a unique algorithm capable of detecting invisible people on messenger. It is 100% precise and it detects anybody no matter what kind of operating system person uses (Windows, Linux) or what Yahoo Messenger client uses (Yahoo Messenger, Webmessenger, Meebo, eBuddy, Pidgin)

2. How does work?
Step 1 Add ID
Step 2 Add credits
Step 3 Enable IDs from your list
Step 4 Track activity at any time. See daily charts or charts for your selected period.

3. Whom is addressed to? is addressed to those people who are interested in other people messenger ID status.

4. Can I check the IDs I do not have in my list?
Yes, is capable of detecting whether or not an ID is invisible even if you do not have it on your list; the only request is for the ID to be valid.

5. Why does show people online when in reality they are offline or it shows them offline when actually people are online?
Some have adjusted in their YM to be "Invisible" and chosen just a few IDs for who to appear Online. Those who proceed like this are detected by as being invisible. Others have adjusted in their YM to be "Online" but they selected the following option: "Appear permanently offline" only for some of their buddies. These people, even if they are invisible for those who are searching for them, are in reality Online.

6. Do I have to pay for this service?
To receive reports, you must have credit in your account. You can add IDs to the list, but you can not activate them. To activate IDs, you have to add credits.

7. Does have control over a messenger account?
NO, absolutely not, reading a person's status has nothing to do with the security of your messenger account.

8. How well are my data protected?
The unique algorithm does not require you to log in into your messenger account, therefore we DO NOT have access to your name and password.